Frequently Asked Questions


Laser or IPL – Which Is Better?

Well that entirely depends on who you ask! People specialising in Laser will tell you that laser is the best. Its the same for people using IPL. The truth is that both Laser and IPL can demonstrate great results wither way.

All of our Hairfree Therapist’s are Laser Safety Accredited and fully trained. Hairfree has 6 years’ working experience as Australia’s leader in permanent hair reduction. Our therapists perform more than 250,000 treatments every year! No one else comes close to that!

What are Hairfree Treatments Like?

Our treatments are an easy two-step operation. First, we clean the area. Then the area is pulsed (painless, don’t worry!) with the  light from the machine. Treatments times vary depending on the size of the area being treated.

How Does The Hairfree Treatment Work?

Light pulsed onto the skin effects the hair under the skin so that it removes hair with long-lasting results. The light seeks out the pigment in the hair follicle and in less than a second, all of the treated hair follicles, in the active hair growth cycle are damaged beyond repair so that no more hairs grow from that follicle any more. The result is more even, youthful appearing skin. Because not all of your hair follicles will be in the active growth cycle at your treatment, you will need more than one treatment to make sure you get the best results. 

Because Laser and IPL treatments target more than one hair each time, big areas such as the back, chest and abs, arms, and legs can be treated in a short period of time. However, treatment times vary from client to client and Hairfree promises never to hurry your appointment because we want you to get the best result each and every time you visit us.

How Are Our Treatments Different From Electrolysis?

Electrolysis uses a fine needle which inserted into each hair follicle, only one at a time. An electric pulse is passed through the follicle to stop the hair growth. Hairfree uses pulsed light to treat a larger area of hair and in less than a second, all the growing hairs in your treatment area are damaged beyond repair.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Because hair grows at all different rates all over the body, hairs in the same area, for example on your bikini line, are not all actively growing at the same time, so we recommend at least 6 to 8 treatments to capture most hairs when they are in their active phase of growing.  You may require more or even less treatments.  This depends on your skin tone, hair thickness, ethnicity, hormone levels and medications you may be taking. At your complimentary consultation, your therapist will design a treatment course to suit you. We won’t make any dishonest claims: if laser hair removal is not right for you, we will let you know.  This way you wont spend unnecessary money for little or no result.

How Often Should I Have A Treatment?

As pulsed light is only effective on active hair, your appointments should be timed so that the non-active hair follicles in the same area have time to start growing. If the treatment is given before or after, that particular treatment will not be as effective. This is approximately 4 to 8 weeks after your last treatment but is also is dependent on the treatment area.

Which Hair Where?

You treat almost anywhere on the body, except for the sensitive skin around your eyes.  We can, however, do above your eyebrows, so don’t worry, we can still get rid of untidy or mono-brows!

Who Are The Best Candidates For Permanent Hair Reduction?

Brown to black haired people with light to medium coloured skin will most often have the best results.  Natural blondes (not dyed blonde!) do not respond well to Hairfree treatments as there is not enough pigment in the hair.

What Do I Need To Do Before My Treatment?

Make sure to shave the area, excluding your lip, prior to your appointment. This saves time and is more comfortable done at home.  However it is best to leave a small area unshaven so we can assess your hair colour and type.

Its important to make sure you don’t pluck, bleach or wax the hair in the area to be treated for at least 4 weeks before your treatment.  Equally as important is making sure not to be too tanned or sunburnt before your treatment.  We will not perform any treatment on sunburnt skin.

After Care?

You are able to go straight back to work (boo!) or play (Yay!) after your appointment but you must stay out of the sun for 4 weeks before and after your treatments.

Hairfree recommends Essentials Plus products for use on treated skin, to keep it in  the best condition between appointments – and it helps to improve your results.